ellasretreat center

Situated in the mountains on Lefkada, the villa offers a great view and opportunities for hikes, meditation and relaxation.

http:// http://findyourlefkada.com/portfolio-item/vipassana-retreat/

Wat Buddha Piyanvararama

Wat Buddha Piyavararama a Buddhist Tempel &  Vipassana Center

Located near Frankfurt.

Where Phra Agan Ofer lives & teaches during his stays at Germany.




Alpenretreat - Experience Concciousness

Tirol’s Alps are a true fountain of strength: crystal clear water, lush green pasturelands, picture-book mountains and clean air.  AlpenRetreat offers a sanctuary from the stresses of daily life. Healthy vegetarian cuisine go hand in hand with relaxing Yoga programs, Meditation retreats, beautiful walks in stunning countryside and top-notch treatments. Our location in the heart of the Austrian Alps makes us a great location for both summer and winter sports.  With its breathtaking beauty and unspoilt nature Tirol is the perfect place to take your yoga practice to new highs.