About me

My Name is Martin Pack. I grew in Hertfordshire, just outside North London. 

From a young age I was interested in religions and always wanted to know more about what people believed in and why. 

I began meditation from the age of fifteen without a teacher or guidance until I met an Indian teacher at the age of about seventeen who gave me some instructions in meditation. 

I would practice daily for years trying different techniques, but it was not until I completed my first Vipassana Course in the Northern Thai Temple of Wat Phradhatu Sri Chomtong (where the venerable Abbott Ajarhn Tong Sirimangalo resides) did I really begin to understand the true meaning of meditation and the impact and value it could have on my life.

After my first Course I returned again to Wat Chomtong to participate in more retreats. Eventually, I spent longer times at the temple and helped assist the head teacher of the international department. I also spent many months helping to organise and assist in the retreats in Israel.

Eventually in 2008 my teacher asked me to try to organise some courses in the Northern Thai Village called Pai.  After some months of teaching basic instructions in different places in Pai, I organised a five day retreat. As it was so successful I was asked to stay and continue,  and  by the beginning of 2009 I already had the permission from my teachers to teach full Vipassana courses in Pai. Since then I have also taught courses in Italy, United Kingdom, France, Austria, Canada and Israel and Greece.